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To start your search, enter text in the boxes or use the pull-down menus. You can enter information in as many or as few boxes as you'd like. Type the first few letters in a given box and the search will find all data beginning with those letters. For example, if you type a "g" in the City box and select "pawn" from the Type pull-down menu, you'll get a list of licensed pawnshops in every city beginning with "g."

Tip: If you want to search in the Master Licensee field for an individual, you'll need to enter last name first, first name last, separated by a comma. For example, if you know the business owner is named Jose Doe, you would enter this in the Master Licensee field: Doe, Jose.

After you have entered all your search criteria, simply click the Submit button to display the results of your search. A new screen will appear with a list of matching data.

The license number appears in the first column. Click on the license number to get more specific information about that licensee.

Note: If no listing appears when you hit the Submit button, then there is no matching data.

To search again with different criteria, simply hit the Return to Search Page link in the upper right corner.

Glossary of Terms

Master Licensee
This term refers to the individual, partnership, or corporate entity licensed by the OCCC. Often, the business name is not the same as the owner's name. For example, someone named Juanita Garza owns a license for a pawnshop, but doesn't want to name the shop "Juanita Garza Pawn." She elects to call her shop "Pawn World." Typing "Pawn World" in the Master Licensee Box will not return a match because the owner of the license is actually "Garza, Juanita." You could look up this business by entering "Pawn World" in the DBA Operating Name field.

DBA Operating Name
The name of a given business as displayed at the business (see Master Licensee definition for more information). If you enter a name under the Master Licensee and don't find the data you thought you would be there, try entering the name in the DBA Operating Name box, leaving the Master Licensee box empty.
License Number
A four- or five-digit number assigned to a license. On the license itself, the license number is prefixed by a Master File number, appearing as xxxx-xxxxx. If you are searching by license number, enter only the license number, not the Master File prefix. Also, do not enter any leading zeros (zeros that precede the rest of the numbers, such as license number 09876) in your search criteria.

Details the primary kind of business a licensee undertakes. Businesses licensed by the OCCC include pawnshops, regulated lenders, property tax lenders and motor vehicle sales finance companies. For more complete information about the kinds of businesses regulated by the OCCC, please see the Who We Are section.

Licenses may either be active, inactive, or canceled. An active licensee is authorized to do business. A license with inactive status has been issued to an applicant, but the licensee is not doing business at the location for which the license was issued. A canceled license means a previously licensed entity is no longer authorized to do business.



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